Commercial construction is a vital part of our core business. We have completed various different projects over the years from commercial car parks to multi-level apartment blocks both for supply only as well as supply and install contracts.


Reofab have been part of some of the largest and most challenging infrastructure projects since the 1990’s. We continue to service this sector for various different head contractors.


We pre-fabricate pile cages in-house at all of our branches, saving valuable space and time on-site. Reofab caters to piles of any size.


Supply and placing works of many sizes and complexities; we have undertaken projects from small retaining/anchor walls, to warehouses, and even large power plants.


We have completed a significant range of different projects of all scales over the last 25 years such as Hospitals and Retirement Villages.


Reofab services the Precast Concrete sector, we have developed strong relationships with Precast companies and have become a trusted supplier for many.


We have supplied reinforcing to thousands of residential builds, assisting residential builders with a market-leading detailing service.